Neom Organics Wonder Balm

Neom Organics Wonder Balm


A little supercharged pot of wonder!


Moisturise, nourish, soften & soothe any part of your skin, lips & bits – you can really use it for anything. Think dry elbows, heels, hands, cuticles, knees  - you name it, it works.


The pot is an blend of naturally-good oils like nourishing almond oil, olive oil, vitamin rich shea butter and sunflower oil with vitamin E and omega-6  all blended to give any dry areas a super moisture surge.


Great Day with wild mint and mandarin essential oils to uplift and Perfect Night’s Sleep with lavender, sweet basil & jasmine essential oils to soothe. 

Just scoop up onto your finger and apply for a little moment of skin smoothing TLC (on lips or dry patches) whenever they need to be given some serious love.